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“Rena always finds me the best possible rates and terms.

We provide competitive mortgage rates and reliable investment services. Whether you need a commercial, industrial or residential property loan, and whatever your personal circumstances may be, Rena and CYR Funding can help.

We provide you the affordable interest rate for mortgages and loans, even other financial companies rejected you

For those who want to take out mortgages or loans for various purposes but either have insufficient credit and/or initial deposits, fail to pass bank stress tests or are rejected by other financial institutions, Rena and CYR Funding can also help:

We focus on people, and evaluate the property for future growth. The deal has to make sense either on an equity or cash flow basis. Under our help, many people reach their dreams of buying a home or becoming a commercial real estate investor.

Rena Malkah

President of CYR Funding Inc 11681

Cell: (647) 697-3918

300 John Street, Suite 328, 

Thornhill, ONL3T 5W4

Tracey Fines

“As a real estate investor, I need mortgage financing often and Rena is a force in the mortgage industry. Rena always finds me the best possible rates and terms. Not only this, but she is a lot of fun to work with and has a great attitude!”

Why choose us?


Rena Malkah has 44-year experience in the mortgage industry and has become an industry leader. She was also the first woman president of the Ontario Mortgage Broker’s Association in 1984.


We have an abundance of funds because they have more than 2,000 private investors. Many brokers don’t have enough funds to provide to their customers, or the experience to structure a commercial or construction deal, We are here to help..

Low rates

 Rena Malkah knows so many financial companies and banks that some of her clients have never even heard of them before. Therefore, she can help you find the lowest interest rate and most appropriate term for your mortgage or loan.

Tips to get mortgages or loans

For those who need mortgages or loans, Rena offers two tips:

  • Prepare all the documents needed for getting a mortgage or loan, especially the government’s Notice of Assessment (NOA). According to the government’s new policy, in order to get a mortgage or loan, the financial institution must know whether you owe the government tax and/or property tax. Rena said that even if someone owes it, it does not mean that this person is not qualified for a mortgage or loan.  It just has to be paid off.
  • Do not fake, do not hide. Even if you have zero income, do not conceal or make false statements, because the lawyer can find out when closing the deal. Be honest to your mortgage broker and you will get the help you need. A solution could be to prepay the interest.

Our mortgage services include:


1st and 2nd Mortgages



Commercial Investment

Apartment buildings

Office Purpose Properties

Special Purpose Properties such as: Gas Stations, Hotels, Churches, Mosques, Retirement and Nursing Homes, Self-Storage Spaces, Student Residences and more……

Rena Malkah

President of CYR Funding Inc 11681

Cell: (647) 697-3918

300 John Street Suite 328,

 Thornhill, ONL3T 5W4

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